The ferry trip took three hours. Because I travelled alone I was approached often by people who wanted to socialize. I turned the questions around, asked all about their stay on the island. Most of them came for the sand sculpture tournament that would take place the upcoming weekend.  The ban on phones, digital camera’s etc., had turned it into a hype that you had to come and experience in person. The radio report was so colorful it attracted a full house. Two thousand tickets were available and they went for a high price. This, I later found out, financed the existence of the islanders.

The last bit of the trip I stood on the top deck, looking at the island getting closer and closer, until I could make out the lighthouse turned radio tower. I was smoking my last cigarettes at a fast pace -smoking was forbidden on the island. While a voice on the intercom announced our arrival I donated my lighters to the kitchen staff on the boat. “Are you sure?” they asked, and I shrugged. 

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